A complete business transformation with mantiki

Award winning retailer Virgin Wines chooses mantiki

Part of the Virgin brand, Virgin Wines is an award winning online wine seller in the UK, with associated white labelled sites.

Cumbersome and laborious manual business processes coupled with a rigid, slow and expensive legacy platform heavily constrained their ability to grow.

Virgin Wines selected mantiki over rival ecommerce platforms based on the extensive feature set and the ease with which mantiki could be customised to support their very specific customer propositions and business processes.

A complete makeover

Using responsive design techniques and continual refinement through user research, Virgin Wines built a new mantiki website with a slick and intuitive customer experience that works across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Innovative widgets were designed to help customers build their own wine cases as well as purchase pre-mixed cases.

Customer retention

Central to Virgin Wines' proposition are their Wine Clubs and WineBank loyalty scheme which support their customer retention model.

Out of the box mantiki subscriptions and loyalty scheme functionality was used to build easy to operate and automated processes which freed Virgin Wines' IT staff from mundane and error prone tasks to provide a much higher quality service to the business.

The transition to mantiki was completely seamless for Virgin Wines' existing customers. They were able to log in to the new website with their original credentials, see their order history and make purchases with previously saved payment details. Their Wine Clubs and loyalty schemes continued to work without interruption.

Smart campaigns

To support their ambitious plans for growth and customer acquisition, Virgin Wines are now able to roll out dozens of new promotional campaigns and associated discount vouchers fast.

Merchandisers can use the unique page templating mechansims in mantiki to create and publish a myriad of new landing pages linked to promotions and vouchers quickly and without any technical skills.

Virgin Wines can now use mantiki capabilities to create discount vouchers that automatically sign up customers to Wine Clubs and Loyalty schemes.

Operational efficiency

mantiki was able into integrate seamlessly with Virgin Wines' warehousing, fulfilment, payment and finance systems to create efficient and automated business processes and replace many manual activities.

Powerful mantiki Order Management and Workflow Management modules were tailored to Virgin Wines' very specific requirements so that they can deliver on their very high quality customer service promise with minimal fuss.

And all this hosted on a cloud infrastructure with excellent performance and over 30% reduction in costs. Ker-ching!

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