Simplicity - Flexibility - Reliability

Enterprise eCommerce

Seamless customer experiences

The lifetime value of customers can be much higher if they engage with your brand across multiple channels.

With mantiki you can offer the same experience wherever your customers want to shop.

Time to be relevant

Customers will engage more and spend more if what they see matches their interests.

Profile your customers with mantiki and offer them personalised content and promotions.

Customer acquisition

Persuading customers to shop with you instead of your competitors remains one of the biggest challenges in retail.

Use mantiki to easily create individual or bulk promotional vouchers and enticing landing pages to attract new customers.

Customer retention

Accelerate your profits by keeping hold of good, hard earned customers.

Use the unrivalled mantiki subscriptions and loyalty scheme functionality out of the box to build a steady revenue stream from your customers.

Everyone likes a deal

Whatever your market, price can make all the difference to closing a sale.

Use mantiki to create a myriad of promotions using highly intuitive merchandising tools. Mantiki promotions can be based on combinations of basket contents, product attributes, customer profile, timed events and much more.

Effective merchandising

Empower your merchandisers with the best tools to meet the demands of a growing business.

mantiki merchandising features have been built for optimum efficiency with learnings from over 15 years of working with high pressured retail businesses. mantiki comes with a comprehensive Product Information Manager, rule based product relationships and assortments, and much more...

Content is king

Fresh content keeps keeps your customers interested and improves your natural search ranking.

mantiki has an advanced Content Management System with built in Digital Asset Management capabilities and a unique templating mechanism that allows fresh content to be churned out easily, even without HTML or CSS skills.

No time like the right time

Your content changes need to go live in sync with your marketing and promotional activity, but that doesn't always fit in with work patterns.

mantiki content and merchandising changes can be fully tested in a staging website, then published immediately or scheduled to be published in future, when the time is right.

Customise, differentiate

You need to stand out in an increasingly busy, global market.

mantiki is built to be easily extensible. Enhance the rich core functionality to offer your own unique propositions and experiences.

Customer satisfaction

Brand loyalty = profit

Having the right tools to manage after sales issues can make all the difference.

mantiki has highly configurable and sophisitcated functionality for Order Management, Stock Management, Telesales and Customer Services, including agent Workflow Management.

All built in - no need for expensive third party software.

Business to business

Generate additional, steady revenue streams by selling to other businesses.

Built in B2B functionality in mantiki makes it easy to create business accounts, manage credit limits and raise invoices.

You can even create orders in bulk.

It's a big world

If your site doesn't respond, customers will find other sites to shop on.

Your competitors' sites. It's that simple.

mantiki is a pure Java™ platform. Robust, scalable, fast.

Problem solved.