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Virgin Wines

an operational challenge

Part of the Virgin brand, Virgin Wines is an award winning online wine seller in the UK with associated white-labelled sites. The Virgin Wines model is based heavily on wine club subscription and loyalty schemes, with customer service playing a large role in ensuring customer retention.

The legacy ecommerce platform and antiquated processes were limiting revenue growth: a real operational challenge.


mantiki was selected over other high profile platforms for three principle reasons:

  • the highly sophisticated feature set including unparallelled personalisation, powerful order management, and smooth customer service;
  • ability to extend and customise the platform for very specific needs;
  • low total cost of ownership.

The mantiki team has 20+ years of experience in complex operational ecommerce and has the capability to re-engineer full business processes and deliver elegant turnkey solutions.

select deliverables

the mantiki team re-engineered business processes for the whole operation

  • pick / pack / ship
  • workflows and automation for customer service agents
  • order management, fraud screening, returns, refunds, chargebacks, etc.

designed, built, and launched new ecommerce websites for Virgin Wines and Mail Wine Club

  • UX and journeys on all devices
  • case builder widget and customer profiling for personalisation
  • algorithms to pick / pack basket items within warehouse constraints

complex promotions and voucher management made easy with mantiki

  • powerful mantiki page templating
  • single / multiple use promotions and associated landing pages
  • ‘sign up’ vouchers which enroll customers into a subscription on use

loyalty and subscription schemes to increase revenues and customer retention

  • multiple wine club subscriptions
  • various loyalty schemes using cash and redeemable points
  • personalised customer experiences and discounts for scheme members


measured during first year post launch

increased revenues


11.6 %

Average Order Value

8.3 %

Organic Traffic

0.5 %

Wine Club Members

9.0 %

reduced costs

Returns Rate

5.0 %

Customer Service

19.3 %

Customer Care Staff

7.0 %


30.0 %


Best Website Launch / Re-Launch
Best Food & Drink Ecommerce

IPO 2021

Having launched the new solution with mantiki, Virgin Wines benefitted from increased revenues and reduced costs.

With increased free cash flow, newly engineered business processes, and the efficiency of mantiki, Virgin Wines were able to implement new initiatives to further grow customer base and revenues.

Now with strong fundamentals, Virgin Wines were positioned to regear incumbent investors and structure an IPO.

Listed on AIM (VINO:LN) on 2 March 2021, the initial admission price of 197p (GBP) resulted in a £110m market cap. Share price settled at c.230p (GBP) one month on, implying a market cap of £128m.